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The Sheriff's in town by SorrowTurquoise
The Sheriff's in town
"Sorry boys, I keep the fuzzy cuffs at home" 
(it may not look like it, but one false move and I could've been badly hurt x) that photoshoot spot was so dangerous haha) 

Having a photoshoot with :iconone-photographie: was super awesome! Can't wait to work with her again :) :heart: such proffessionalism~ 

Caitlyn cosplay is all made by me ^^ It was my first time trying to make a hat..and I'm really proud of it too! too bad I lost it at the con -_- I don't even know how or when it happened Sweating a little... *sigh* at least I still have the pattern for it.. sigh 
OH well!! hope you like it! ^^
Officer Caitlyn by SorrowTurquoise
Officer Caitlyn
Picture and Edit by :iconone-photographie: At Otakuthon 2014 (Montreal) 

Caitlyn cosplay is made and worn by : (me) :iconsorrowturquoise:  
Finaly able to update this picture :XD: sorry for being so late~ I'm Sorry Smiley 
I still got a lot of pictures from that cosplay! I just need to find the time to post them =P (Razz) Hope you like it! :)


I'm not a PC gamer at all, in fact I rageQuit almost every time I try to play x) I got used to have a controller in my hands, not a keyboard XD it's sad tho cuz there are so many pc games I wanna play D: LOL is one of them..I got to play only a little :( (Sad) must practice again and again I guess Sweating a little... 
Even though I haven't played all that much, I still fell in love with the AMAZING character design! aawn man, all those skins Love no wonder there's so many LOL cosplayers out there xP 
Bad Ass Trio by SorrowTurquoise
Bad Ass Trio
Ok that's it, I'm watching Soul Eater all over again :heart: :XD:

No Star No Star No Star 

Death the Kid Genderbend : :iconxwickedgames:

Black Star Genderbend : :iconsorrowturquoise:

Soul Genderbend :…

Picture by RedWolf Photography
Perfect balance is the key to everything by SorrowTurquoise
Perfect balance is the key to everything
Just Kid trying to compare our ..butts...
WELL sorry kid, but it's not the same size! Get over it! Facepalm  

*sigh*Llama Emoji-06 (Depress) [V1] 
I...I sincerely have no idea why I'm trying to explain this picture :XD: haha!

*I really love the expression on Death the Kid's face, you can just tell she's truly focused on judging our butts lolol  priceless moments~! Laugh *

Lord Death Emoticon Lord Death Emoticon Lord Death Emoticon 

Black Star genderbend is : :iconsorrowturquoise:

Death the Kid genderbend is : :iconxwickedgames:

Soul genderbend is :

Picture taken by : RedWolf Photography
A real star keeps moving forward! by SorrowTurquoise
A real star keeps moving forward!
I just love Black Star so much! him and Death the Kid are my 2 favorite characters of the show~ :heart: they're both so funny:D (Big Grin)  aahh just to write about it makes me wanna watch the anime all over again :XD: 

the hype is real! Love 
Actually, the more I look at my cosplay, the more I want to improve it! and I noticed I forgot to make the star on his arm Oops! shame on me x_x uughh I really need to have another photoshoot then! no choice! 

No Star No Star No Star 

Female Black Star is me : :iconsorrowturquoise:

Photographer is RedWolf Photography 
taken at Otakuhton 2014 (montreal) 


Sun Dec 15, 2013, 8:37 PM
Hey guyyysss~ it's been a long time since I wrote something here and so much as happened! 
FIRST OF ALL! A BIG THANKS FOR ALL THE SUPPORT! when people take the time to comment my pictures,Fav or watch me, you have no idea how much it encourage me :heart: , I always feel like I could do anything! :meow: 

I still have wayyy to many cosplays ideas O_o I'm planning on making about 7 new cosplay for 2014 ...which is a lot for someone who goes to school... T_T  BUT~! It's actually a sewing school, so I shall learn all the skillzz :dance: OMG EPIC COSTUMES AWAITS! Aaargh and Going to Distant worlds made me want to cosplay FF characters even more T_T nooo~ my poor moneyy , why is Final fantasy so epic? *-*  (it was an awesome show by the way ;) every FF fan should go see it at least once in their life. :heart:

For those of you who wonder, here are the ones I will make for Ganime (Gatineau\Quebec) and Katsucon (Washington D.C)
Eureka, from Eureka seven: 

Normal eureka by SorrowTurquoise

(but I can tell you it's from One pieceee) :meow: 

Now for Katsucon
Yuna FFX-2 thief dressphere:
Yunie by SorrowTurquoise

I will be cosplayin her with Mah Suppah team : :iconxwickedgames: , :iconmikacosplay:  Y.R.P FTW!! :D 
I might also be wearing my Orbe Dia Vanille cosplay for that convention, but this time I'll try to make her weapon :P 

Step into the rainbow by SorrowTurquoise

Well that's it guys! I will tell you about my other cosplay project when the time comes ;)  now I have to go sleep, go to school, go shopping for the Chrismas gifts and work, work, work on my cosplays x'D 
Take care guys! :hug: 

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