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W.I.P Garnet by SorrowTurquoise
W.I.P Garnet
OK so this is my ULTIMATE COSPLAY DREAM~~ :D I'm in love with Final Fantasy IX soooo much~! Love Love Love ever since it came out, I've been a HUGE fan =P (Razz) So, there's no way I wouldn't cosplay Garnet! in fact I plan on making Garnet's other outfit too! and maybe Zidane as well haha ...oh and a probably 3 more characters :D I love the character design so much, the storyline, the music, the background environment, everything! La la la la (ok I should stop here or I'll keep going for hours lol )

So YEAH~ this is what I made so far for my Garnet cosplay ^^ it took me forever to get there lol and still got so much to do Sweating a little... (yes this is a work in progress lol im realllyyy not done yet! :o (Eek) )

some brodery is missing , I still need to make the "gloves", Im not 100% ok with the tip of the dress (on the top part), need to attach the hummm "tulle"?? (not sure how it's called x) ) and then make all the jewelry Dead (RIP) 
*takes a deep breath* I can do this! B-) (Cool) 

Don't hesitate to tell me what you think so far~ :D (Big Grin) 
Choppah! by SorrowTurquoise
selfie shot from Katsucon~ :heart: probably one of the best convention I've been to Love 
don't have much to say about this lolol just wanted to share it here, because....reasons I am a dummy! 
Nami time skip by SorrowTurquoise
Nami time skip
Got only one picture of my Nami Time Skip cosplay so far Sweating a little... 
Ah! How much I would love to have an awesome photoshoot at the beach again~ Love aaww summer pls come back already! 

Picture taken By Stephane Laroche at AnimeNorth (toronto) 
Aerith Gainsborough WIP by SorrowTurquoise
Aerith Gainsborough WIP
In the name of SquareSoft :heart: Worship 

The wig is SUPER HEAVY :XD: But SO pretty!! :meow: I can't wait to cosplay her!! I have almost all the fabric!(only missing the fabric for her red coat) I still need to modify my patterns and then I'll start sewing! hihihi~ 
What do you think of the result, so far? :) 
Zoro makeUp Test by SorrowTurquoise
Zoro makeUp Test
the title says it all! ^^ 
Aaahh~ :heart: I used to do make up test all the time x) it's so much fun :meow: this one was for my female marimooo~ from one piece :D (the scar and earrings are suppose to be on the other side, but that's just because my camera reverses my pictures all the time x_x) 


Sun Dec 15, 2013, 8:37 PM
Hey guyyysss~ it's been a long time since I wrote something here and so much as happened! 
FIRST OF ALL! A BIG THANKS FOR ALL THE SUPPORT! when people take the time to comment my pictures,Fav or watch me, you have no idea how much it encourage me :heart: , I always feel like I could do anything! :meow: 

I still have wayyy to many cosplays ideas O_o I'm planning on making about 7 new cosplay for 2014 ...which is a lot for someone who goes to school... T_T  BUT~! It's actually a sewing school, so I shall learn all the skillzz :dance: OMG EPIC COSTUMES AWAITS! Aaargh and Going to Distant worlds made me want to cosplay FF characters even more T_T nooo~ my poor moneyy , why is Final fantasy so epic? *-*  (it was an awesome show by the way ;) every FF fan should go see it at least once in their life. :heart:

For those of you who wonder, here are the ones I will make for Ganime (Gatineau\Quebec) and Katsucon (Washington D.C)
Eureka, from Eureka seven: 

Normal eureka by SorrowTurquoise

(but I can tell you it's from One pieceee) :meow: 

Now for Katsucon
Yuna FFX-2 thief dressphere:
Yunie by SorrowTurquoise

I will be cosplayin her with Mah Suppah team : :iconxwickedgames: , :iconmikacosplay:  Y.R.P FTW!! :D 
I might also be wearing my Orbe Dia Vanille cosplay for that convention, but this time I'll try to make her weapon :P 

Step into the rainbow by SorrowTurquoise

Well that's it guys! I will tell you about my other cosplay project when the time comes ;)  now I have to go sleep, go to school, go shopping for the Chrismas gifts and work, work, work on my cosplays x'D 
Take care guys! :hug: 

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WritingTheInserts Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
your cosplays are so nice!
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thanks a lot!! :hug: I'm glad you like them! :P 
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I found ya caitlyn <3
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thank you so much!! Neko Emoji-37 (Yay) [V2] 
Gabriel29 Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2014
Tee-hee :P
DraginKYle44 Featured By Owner May 30, 2014
Your awesome. Your cosplay are great,cool and awesome. My favorite is your Nami cosplay. Also I love One Piece and whats your favorite character.
SorrowTurquoise Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2014
woww thank you~! X3 :heart:
Mmmm can't decide who's my favorite character XD haha I love them all so much!! I guess Luffy is my favoite! and then maybe Zoro! Because....he's just too epic XD <3 
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